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Your views matter - 2018 Employee Survey

Thank you to everyone that took part in this year's Employee Survey.

16 November
Your views matter - 2018 Employee Survey image

"The employee survey has been undertaken on an annual basis for the last nine years and is an important indicator in achieving the targets set out in the council's People Strategy 2018/23", said HR Services Manager Lesley Henderson.

The Strategy has a range of actions that need to be progressed including looking where and how two-way communication can be improved, encouraging and celebrating individual and team performance and creating a culture where employees are willing to develop new skills and embrace change. 

The 2018 survey was issued in June to all employees, with 50% of employees providing a response.

Detailed results of the 2018 survey will be communicated to you through Heads of Service/Service Managers over the next few weeks.   These will be used to facilitate a discussion at WLAM focus groups which will take place over the coming months and used to develop improvement strategies and action plans for implementation in 2018/19. 

There will also be engagement with employees across all council services to gather feedback to better understand survey responses and consider appropriate action in working towards the outcomes in the People Strategy 2018/19- 2022/23.

Here are the overall results of the 2018 survey.

Workforce Planning*1. I know what is expected of me at work92%
Workforce Planning2. I have access to the equipment and materials I need to do my job effectively72%
Workforce Planning3. I have access to the information I need to do my job effectively79%
Workforce Planning4. I can meet the requirements of my job88%
Workforce Planning5. I feel safe at my place of work83%
Recognition6. I feel that my job is important87%
Recognition*7. I feel valued and recognised for the work I do58%
Recognition8. I believe the council provides a good working environment for employees60%
Leadership9. I receive clear feedback on my work from my line manager / supervisor67%
Leadership*10. I am encouraged by my line manager / supervisor to improve my own performance69%
Involvement11. I am encouraged to make suggestions to improve the service within the scope of my role69%
Involvement*12. I am regularly allowed to make decisions within the scope of my role75%
Team Work13. My colleagues are committed to providing a good service to customers88%
Team Work14. My team has regular meetings / toolbox talks / debriefs / briefings76%
Team Work15. I get the help and support I need from my colleagues84%
Learning & Development16. I have had an annual appraisal meeting with my line manager in the last 12 months75%
Learning & Development*17. I get the training, learning and development I need to do my job effectively72%
Learning & Development18. I take responsibility for my own learning and development91%
Equality & Diversity*19. I have not experienced discrimination at work in the last 12 months in relation to my sex (gender), gender reassignment, age, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or race, pregnancy or maternity.88%

*Questions that are People Strategy indicators

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